10 Signs that You’ve Found Your Soul Sister

Everyone always says that you might meet your soulmate in college. And I think most of us do, on some level. Do I believe in love-at-first-sight and happily-ever-after? No. But do I believe in meeting someone and automatically connecting with them? Absolutely. Despite the fact that your grandmother might have meant that you’d meet your future husband (“What do you mean, you don’t want to get married?!”), it’s more likely that you’ll meet your soul sister(s). Sorry guys, but bros just aren’t the same.

1. You can make each other laugh like nobody’s business.

I laugh really, really easily. Everything makes me laugh. But there’s a certain way that my best friends make me laugh that is unlike anyone else can. More importantly than that, they can make me laugh when I really need it. There are some days when you just aren’t having it (and by “it,” I mean “life”) and nobody can cheer you up. When you find somebody that can, hang on to them. Laughter is the best.

2. Calling each other a really awful name honestly is a term of endearment…sometimes

There are only certain people that can call you a bitch. Let’s be honest. If someone you despise calls you an awful name, you’re going to get offended and hurt. But when someone that knows you inside and out calls you a bitch, it’s a lot easier to shrug and be like, “Well, she knows me so…” In addition to that, if it isn’t in a jokey or Mean Girls way, you know that you can trust your best friends to call you out when you’re being a bad person.

3. It’s okay if you have only communicated via Pinterest for a few days.

Even if it’s been a week since you’ve actually spoken in person, nothing will be different when you do. You’ll be the exact same people that you were last time you spoke and, besides, you told her how you felt with that cute eCard on Pinterest.

4. One glance is enough to convey everything.

You’re sitting in class and that perfect specimen of a man walks in. You and your soul sister meet each other’s eyes and know exactly what the other person wishes she could say out loud.

5. You know exactly what she should wear when she doesn’t.

You know how great she looks in that blue sweater and which pair of shoes would go with which outfit without even having to look at her closet. When she calls you in a panic before a date or job interview, you can easily tell her exactly what to wear from memory.

6. You hate the same people, even if you don’t necessarily know them.

That bitch that was rude to your best friend in class today? Yeah, you hate her. That guy your best friend dated three years before you even met her? Yup, you hate him too.

7. You know how she takes her coffee.

If she doesn’t drink coffee, substitute something that she does drink. If she is a coffee drinker (which everyone should be), you know exactly how much – if any – creamer she wants and could order a drink for her at Caribou in your sleep. And this is very important.

8. You can crawl into her bed in the middle of the night. 
And it’s okay. Last night, I was stranded by a blizzard at a friend’s apartment and I was like, “I’m gonna go sleep in your bed.. K bye.”


9. You have your own secret language.

It’s kind of like twin speak, but better. The various code names you use for the people in your life – the ones that can’t know you’re talking about them – have become second-nature. They’ve become so second-nature, in fact, that you accidentally use them around people who don’t know them… And you get stared at for it. A lot.

10. No matter what you do, you know she’ll still love you.
For real, though. You can do the dumbest shit imaginable – even after she tells you not to – and she’s still gonna love you. You might get an, “I told you not to go out with him again!” but it’s alright. Because the next time she does something utterly ridiculous, you can tell her so, too.

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