Signs that you’re not actually single…

…because you’re in a relationship with your best friend. That’s right. Congrats! Hallelujah! Grandma will be so proud.

1. You eat supper together on a regular basis. 

It isn’t rare for you to get a phone call from your best friend inviting you over for supper. And when you do get together for supper, you cook together or order in without bothering to split the cost because the person who pays knows the other person will just get it next time. Which is probably tomorrow.


2. You plan vacations/concerts/etc. together.

Forget going alone! Your best friend is your unofficial plus one for everything – you don’t even have to ask. You just assume you’re going together. You plan vacations together over the holidays and, when a cool concert comes to town, he/she is the first person you ask to go with you. 



3. You know everything about each other.

Seriously. Everything. When one of you brings up “that one movie with that one actor that you watched that one day,” the other one knows exactly what you’re talking about. When you go shopping, you make sure you see if the other “needs anything,” too.


4. You know each other’s families.

When you walk into his/her house, mom greets you with a hello and a hug and dad gives you that awkward, gruff side hug that only dads seem capable of giving. When you talk to your own parents on the phone, they always ask how your bff is doing, how his/her job search is going, etc. 


5. You bring each other random surprises.

Maybe your best friend had a rough morning, so you show up outside his/her first class with their fav coffee. When you go on vacation, you always bring back a souvenir (or seven) for them. How cute of you.


6. You accidentally snuggle sometimes.

Don’t worry about it. Just let it happen.


7. You have full access to the each other’s house (if you don’t already live together)

Hungry? Thirsty? It’s all good – you have free reign of your bestie’s fridge/cupboards. There’s no more of that awkward, “Uhh… So… I’m hungry…. So…” that comes with the early stages of friendships.


8. You aren’t afraid to show your true feelings.

And you have a lot of them. No judgement.


9. You get jealous.

If someone else is trying to get close to your best friend, they automatically become your ultimate enemy. Your best friend is yours and nobody else’s. Did they really think that they had a chance?



10. Whenever something good/bad/funny/silly/sad/etc happens…

Your first call is to your best friend. Because he/she knows and loves everything about you (even when they hate you because you, once again, did exactly what they told you NOT to do). Most rewarding relationship of your life.



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