Stop Telling Me When to be Offended

With sites like ThoughtCatalog and BuzzFeed (and countless others) posting mainly submission-based articles, internet users have more reasons to get fired up than ever. Lately, I’ve been swamped by FB posts, tweets, etc. linking to posts and complaining about how “sexist” they are.

I realize that there are still gender battles to fight, of course. I’m not that naïve. However, I think that society as a whole really needs to start picking and choosing those battles. Granted, I go to a liberal arts college (emphasis on the word liberal) and I understand that my half of my peers seem to be majoring in the art of getting offended over nothing.

But if a girl wants to write a post called, “Things Girls Love” or “Things Girls Wish Existed” or whatever, more power to her. I can almost guarantee that no writer is claiming to know the desires of an entire half of the population; it’s a simple, fun post. As a woman, I am in no way offended by such posts, and I’m starting to get a little fed up with being told I should be.

The accusatory, “How can this not bother you??” is getting old. And, ironically, it’s often from guys who have dubbed themselves our crusaders. The only thing that’s offending me right now is being told that I’m not a woman because I’m not offended by silly blog posts/lists.

There are more important battles out there; let’s learn to pick the right ones.


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