Easter Survival Tips

Holidays, as we all know, mean family time. And family time can be daunting (love you, family!) so I’ve decided to prepare a survival guide. Because, you know. Family.

Be prepared to discuss your love life. Make sure you have a speech prepared, especially if your relationship status has changed since the last time you saw your family. “So, who’s that new boy in your Facebook picture? Are you seeing someone? Have you considered joining Match.com?” It’s meant with love, trust me.


Know what your graduation/summer plans are. Wait, I’m not allowed to have absolutely no idea where my life is going anymore?


Tone down how much partying you’ve been doing. You want to make sure you capitalize on the fact that you’ve been studying hard and going to church if your family is a church family and all that jazz.


Don’t lose your cool. Going back home after months away can be overwhelming, no matter how great your family is. Make sure you don’t lose your temper over the little things, because that’ll make the weekend away harder than it needs to be. Just take a walk, tiger.


Grab a drink or pop some Xanax (but not both). If things get too stressful, pour yourself a glass of wine or go to a Zumba class or do whatever you do to calm down when you’re around your family.


Avoid topics that may start a fight. You know what topics of conversation are bound to start fights. Just don’t bring up controversial topics. Don’t do it.


Don’t judge any newbies. If your brother brings his new girlfriend, be nice to her. Nothing good will come of it if you’re unfriendly or unwelcoming. Again: avoid fights.


Remember to take some alone time. Remember that glass of wine you grabbed earlier? Maybe drink it alone on the porch or in your old room, if it’s still functional.


Comfort yourself with food. Just keep eating, just keep eating.


Just do your own thing and remember: this won’t last forever. Soon, you’ll be back in your cozy apartment surrounded by your friends and, most likely, an unfortunate amount of alcohol. Cherish the home-cooked meals and unadulterated love surrounding you right now. You can do this.



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