Four People You (should) Lose in Your 20s

So, I graduated from college (woohoo!) exactly one week ago. In the last week – the last crazy, whirlwind week – I realized that graduation may mark the end of a book, not just the end of a chapter. Characters move on and out of your life. Everything changes and, sometimes, you lose people that were once a seemingly permanent part of your life.

The Party Friend(s)

Partying is a weekly (at least) occurrence while you’re in college. You get used to heading downtown with your crew every Friday and/or Saturday night. You get used to kissing strangers at bars and eating pizza for every meal. But I’ve met quite a few people lately who are 25+ and still partying quite consistently – and I’ve realized that that isn’t who I want to be.


The Badass

Similarly, it’s cool to have that crazy, “unique” friend – the one who encourages you to do stupid stuff and who shoplifts lipstick just for the thrill – when you’re 20. Not as cool when you’re, you know, not 20 anymore.


The Hobo

I’m sure some famous person once said something to the effect of, “Don’t surround yourself with crappy people.” We all have that one friend who barely passed their classes, who probably majored in a non-subject like Communication (I love Comm, but this person probably didn’t have a clue – or a concentration… you know who I’m talking about) and who has not left the couch since graduation. Distance yourself a little so you don’t get sucked into their spiral.


The Negative Nancy

Also: The “I’ll Never” Girl/Guy. This is the hurricane of negative energy that is sure he or she will never find love/never be successful/never (insert anything here). To put it simply, nobody needs that kind of negativity in their lives, so just walk away.


You’re going to lose people in your 20s – it’s just the way it goes. But there are some people that you don’t need to mourn losing.


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