Life moves fast

Okay, so I’ll admit it: I’m not exactly a thinker. I mean, I may be a college grad but when it comes to love (and math), I’m less than brilliant. In a recent conversation with my best friend, I was scolded for always moving too fast; apparently, I fall in and out of like – and, on occasion, love – at the snap of a finger. Sorry not sorry for the remaining content of this post, best friend ;)

The conversation got me thinking and I realized that, just maybe, it isn’t such a bad thing that I wear my heart on my sleeve. Sure, I get my heart broken on a nearly constant basis. Sure, I meet some really crappy people.

But I meet some really, truly amazing people too.

Not to sound too preachy, but I want to issue a challenge to all of you. Stop overthinking every decision you make, stop picking apart every person you meet – just stop. There is absolutely a time for being cautious and guarding yourself, but I I know so many people who have missed out on wonderful things simply because they’ve been too afraid.

Life moves fast… Stop trying to slow it down, for once.



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