Guys You’ll Date Before Finding The One

Wait. You mean you aren’t engaged/married/pregnant yet?! Aren’t you, like, already 23 years old? Phew. You’re an old maid. You should probably have six kids and a couple of husbands under your belt by now.


Gross. In actuality though, there are a lot of different guys that you’re going to date before you meet “the one” (if you believe in “the one” at all). May the odds be ever in your favor, right?

The Man-Child

He seemed so cute at first, didn’t he? The man-child is goofy and hilarious and fun to hang out with. He doesn’t comb his hair and doesn’t know the difference between a cardigan and a blazer (in other words, he probably dresses like he’s still in high school). After a while, though, you realize that he’s never read a book in his life and that his idea of breakfast is sitting on the couch eating Cap’n Crunch out of the box.


The Off-Limits Guy

He might be your best friend’s ex-boyfriend or your boss or your teacher. Either way, he’s off-limits and you know it and you really shouldn’t go there because what would your mother say, you know? But you do. You go there. And it’s okay, because we all go there at some point and we all come back from it with one question: “Why in the world did I do that?” Just roll with it, deal with the consequences and move on.


The Bad Boy

Motorcycles, loads of tattoos, a sordid past and a dark, brooding attitude [plus, insert any other “bad boy” stereotypes here] look great on guys in movies. But, in reality, he’s probably (a) trying way too hard to be “different” or (b) he’s a douche. This is also the guy that won’t ever admit you’re in a relationship — just remember, there’s probably a reason for that.

** The only time that it is acceptable to fall in love with this guy is if he is Damon Salvatore.


The Suffering Artist

He’s romantic, sensitive and plays acoustic guitar. Did I mention that he writes songs for you? It’ll only take a few weeks (or months, if you’re really determined) for you to realize that he’s a little too sensitive, in the so-clingy-that-you-can’t-breathe way.


The Practice “One”

You break up after dating for years – maybe three, maybe six – and you’re pretty sure that you’ve lost the one guy that you’ve ever truly loved. You were perfect for each other (or so it seemed) and everyone was convinced that it was only a matter of time before you got married. This is going to be the toughest relationship to get over, since you’ll have to move on after years of history and built up feelings. However, you will move on and you’ll realize that you weren’t actually perfect for each other at all.


No matter how long it takes you to meet “the one” or “the one for now,” you’ll meet and date some amazingly wonderful and awful people in the process. Don’t take break-ups too hard because, if you let them break you, you won’t realize it when someone perfect is standing in front of you.


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