Who Are You?

Earlier this summer, my work kids and I did an activity in response to that question: Who are you? When I asked them what makes them who they are, they credited their favorite things, their least favorite things, etc. Although I didn’t participate in the activity at the time, I decided that I’d like to tell you all a little bit about who I am. Plus, I really needed to write down my bucket list… Ya’ll better hold me accountable one of these days.


My Favorite Things

x A hot cup of coffee (or three) right away in the morning

x Feeling inspired by the world around me

x Curling up in bed after a really long, exhausting day

x Watching a movie I’ve never seen before

x Going to work and having my day improved by the unfaltering optimism and hope of my work kids

x Getting caught outside in the rain

x Traveling to a new city and experiencing all the new things it has to offer

x Watching a city pass by from an airplane window

x Finding a song that I love so much that I just have to listen to it on repeat for the rest of the day (much to the dismay of everyone around me)

My Least Favorite Things

x When someone uses the last of the toilet paper in the bathroom and doesn’t replace the roll

x Never being able to get the right ratio of cereal to milk

x Only ever having a good hair day on the day I finally decide to get it cut

x Feeling helpless because of outside situations

x Getting my clothes out of the dryer, only to find out that the machine somehow swallowed exactly half of my pairs of socks

x Not getting to spend time with the people I love

x The endless bout of writer’s block that all writers seem to experience at some point in their lives

x Moving…again (and the fear of losing the people that mean everything to me)

Things I Want to Do Before I Die

x Go skydiving

x Learn to speak another language fluently.. Maybe Norwegian or French

x Go to an airport and buy a ticket for the first flight out, no matter where it goes

x Minimize the amount of stuff I own until I can comfortably fit it into the back of my car

x Finally learn how to play the guitar

x Fall in love (okay, fine, I’m a real girl… Don’t tell anyone)

x Visit all the countries on my “list” (Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Ireland and so many more)

x Learn how to drive a motorcycle

x Write an actual novel and try to get it published

x Ride a horse

x Release a floating lantern (Tangled style, you know it)


So, who are you?


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