My boyfriend recently started vlogging (YouTuber Seng Seri) and, each Wednesday, he’s decided to start “Rant Wednesday.” Normally, I’m not a ranty person… But, conveniently, I heard an obnoxious commercial on my way home from work today that I’d simply love to rant about.

The ad content was as follows: There’s a bar in town that hosted a “Sexy School Girl Contest” tonight. Any girl that showed up and participated was given a $50 bar tab.

Now, I’m all about free booze (who isn’t?!) and I’ve been known to use my womanly wiles to get it. But really? Dressing up in a stupid plaid skirt and wearing a Britney Spears-esque crop top for a free bar tab is just… Sad. Demeaning. (Insert negative word here). Boys with school-girl fantasies throughout the city probably wet themselves with excitement at the thought of a room full of drunk girls in short skirts. Way to have no shame, ladies.



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