Your average New Year’s post

It’s officially day four of our new year. And I’m already out of writing ideas for the year. Pathetic, right?

I know.

I’m spending my Sunday afternoon listening to really good live music and drinking really good coffee with my (really good) boyfriend. And I’m thinking about how far I’ve come in the last year. You wouldn’t believe the stories I have from 2014 – and I can tell you right now, they aren’t fun, awesome stories. They’re dark, painful, shitty stories. Without a doubt, 2014 was definitely not my year.

2014 was a year full of heartache, loss, grief and change. It was a year of metamorphosis. (Cue Hilary Duff.) Yet, somehow, it led me to this beautiful life that I’m living right now. It led me to the best relationship of my life, to the happiest I have ever been (honestly). So, maybe they’re right when they say that the painful, horrible times are necessary for the perfect, magical times to happen. Even though I wouldn’t want to relive 2014 for any amount of money or magic beans, I wouldn’t change a minute of the past year if it meant losing the things I have now.

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, I want what everyone wants out of a new year: happiness. I mean, getting skinny and beautiful and landing my dream job would all be nice but, at the end of the day, I just want to stay as content and purely happy as I am in this instant.

Cheers to 2015. Maybe, for once, this one will actually be our year.


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