361 Days of Writing

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been struggling with writing lately — I don’t know what to write, how to write it, or how to make it good enough to want to post it. So, instead of staring glumly at my computer every day, I’ve decided to write a little bit every day. People are always doing the “365 Days of Photos” or “365 Days of Happiness.” Why not “365 Days of Writing”?

Except, you know, 361 days. Because it’s January 5th today.

If you want to follow along with some of the prompts, I’ll be pulling the majority of them from this link. Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “361 Days of Writing

  1. ginasw.rld says:

    I surely can relate. I spent whole years like this…I want to write, I want to be a writer..but I never knew where to start. Just start. Sometimes it takes a trickle to start a flood.

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